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* Ruana Vintage early 32 B Crockett Bowie Carved Gator Horse handle

M Marked 1960 vintage Treeman leather shop replica sheath
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his Vintage 32B has a 9 1/2" long blade and is about .300 thick. Marked 32B with the M for medium temper. The guard is brass. the handle is walnut with the gator Horse and this one is hand carved by Rudy. he later on went to a mold to cast these so this is an early knife. I got two of these in the collsction and they both came with old mountain man sytyle sheath clearly not made by Ruana. We decided they neede an up grade so we made a replica Ruana style sheath for both knives. This is a hard one to find and recently one sold on ebay for around 1800 $. This knife is priced to sell. Thanks, Jim Behring Treeman