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Ruana Vintage 42B Crocket bowie Signed Blade

Nice Older Mint Ruana
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This Vintage ruana 42B Davy Crockett Bowie has a 9 1/4" blade  ever used or sharpened with Rudys signature and 32B signed on it with the electric engraver. Brass guard with walnut handle and a aluminum butt . The Gator horse on this one is cast  and the knife did not have a sheath so we made a replica in our leather shop. Sheath is first class and made of the best leather money can buy. Stamped on the back so there's no confusion. Overall length is about 14 1/4".  I saw a few of these knives ell on ebay for over 1800 each recently. This bowie is priced to sell. Thanks, Jim Behring