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Ruana Vintage 28CD M Stamp with Deluxe Stone pouch Sheath

Early M Stamp 60s
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This Ruana Model 28CD Custome Deluxe M stamp was made right nat the transition from the knife stamp to M stamp. Neat old school grind with wonderful elk horn and killer stone pouch  sheath. I bought this Ruana in 2003 and took it on many hunting trip and have enjoyed it for many years. I signed the inside flap of the shath so I would not sell the knife. So much for that. Building another Max wedge car so money has to come from some place. Blade is as cool as they get and its 5" of forged carbon steel with thumb notches. Cast aluminum handle with killer elk horn inserts. OAL is about 9 3/4". Great old Ruana and priced to sell. Thanks, Jim