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Ruana Vintage 16A Signed by Rudy

If this knife could talk !
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This vintage Ruana 16A sticker has a signed 6 " blade that has been used and sharpened  and carrried on many hunting trips  . The Elk horn is yellowed up real nice and smooth from handeling for many years. Blade is sharpened and done well with a nice uniform patina that only comes with age. Oal is about 10 1/4".  The sheath is original to the knife and warn smooth from many years of servive. Old Ruanas are hard to find  and original  well used Ruanas are in a league of there own. Just becaue I have a bunch for sale doesn't mean they're easy to get. Men are always looking for older original uses knives with patina and lots of character. This is one of them. Great older Ruana and priced to sell. I really think this is a real early knife that was never stamped with the knife stamp....Thanks, Jim