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Ruana "M" stamp Vintage 22H Hatchet

Nice Elk Horn on this one !
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This vintage Ruana 22H hatchet was made in the early 1962 to1983 if you date by the stamp. . Probley in the 70s.There all a little different like my axes. never the same cookie cutter crap. This axe has nice finish and well rounded edges.  This hatchet has a 5 3/16" tall head with 3 " cutting edge. The handle is cast aluminum with elk horn inserts.  Nice deep R.H,RUANA stamp and signed. Axe is about 10 3/8" " from end to end. Comes in the original ruana sheath and both are in perfect Rudy Mint condition. Great er hatchet at a wonderful price. Thanks, Jim Behring