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Ruana Early 26C Knife Stamp

Made 1944 to 1962
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This Vintage Ruana 26C semi skinner has a 5 " blade that has been sharpened and used and taken care of for many years. If your looking for a historic hunting knife you can take on your next adventure this is it ! Think about it ? Your buddys all pull our there cheap walmart china made Bear Grils piece of crap knife and you yank out your 70 years old American made Ruana 26C with more character than Morgan Freeman.  Nice elk horn in a cast aluminum handle. Little knife  stamped  nice and clear. Original sheath in excellant condition. You could buy this knife carry and use it for 15/20 years and sell it for 3 times what you paid for it.. Not a bad deal.  They ain't makeing any more of these and the new Ruanas aren't even in the same league as the old Rudy made knives.  Thanks, Jim Behring