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Ruana Vintage 16A 6" Knife Stamp 1944/1962 Mint

Really nice old Ruana
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This early Ruana 16A sticker has a forged 6 1/8" forged blade made of 1095 steel that will hold up and stay sharp for a long time. This is the same reason I use alot of 1095 on my handmade Treemans. Good steel when forged and heat treated right. This old Ruana has a cast aluminum handle with elk horn inserts with 2 aluminum pins . Knife stamped with R.H.RUANA . Overall length is about 10 1/2". Comes in the original Ruana sheath that is in excellant condition with a little patina from rolling around a sock drawer or pack for many years. Great knife at a wonderful price. No bidding here. You can have this knife in 2 days . Thanks, Jim Behring

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