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Ruana 22H hatchet early Big "M" Stamp Rare !

Large M far and few Made for one year 1962
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This vintage Ruana 22H hatchet was made in the early the 60s. The experts agree that Rudy used the large M for only a year. The first year after the knife stamp. Then went to the small M stamp.  Pretty hard to find. I have seen large M axes sell for over 1500.00 more than once. . This hatchet has a 4 3/4" tall head with 2 7/8"" cutting edge. The handle is cast aluminum with elk horn inserts.  Nice deep R.H,RUANA stamp with the large "M" stamp for medium temper. Axe is about 10 1/4" from end to end. Comes in the original Ruana sheath with a nice even patina that screrams character.Priced to sell. hard to find piece. Thanks, Jim Behring

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