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Ruana 22h Hatchet

Might be the last one ?
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This Ruana 22H hatchet  has 5 1/4" tall extra thick head with 3 1/8" of cutting edge. OAL is about10 5/*". Nice heavy axe made at the very end of Rudy's career . Might even be the last one made. Hard to say for sure but this axe is about as rougn as I have seen come out of the Ruana shop. I have owned several thousand Ruanas pieces over the years and even the very earliests items were finished better than this axe. they say Rudys eye sight was getting real bad near the end. I can relate because my eyesight has gone from no glasses when I started making knives near 20 years ago to now wearing 2.5 power readers to get things right. It is what it is and this is a cool axe and priced to sell. Thanks, Jim