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Ruana 1943/1944 Square Insert handle early Skinner

3 Pin Handle 5 " Blade Belt buckel Sheath listed 8/14
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This very early Ruana 14B or a 15C model when it was made way back in 1944/45 . Blade is used and sharpened and has most likly skinned many elk and deer and still a great knife. Blade has worn down and the handle is worn smooth.  blade is sharp as hell and measures 4 5/8". Nice patina and cool character lines or some would call them sharpening marks..  The handle is cast aluminum with the Stapm we all like to see on a Ruana. Square elk horn inserts. OAL is about 8 3/4".  This knife had no sheath. It must have rotted away or got lost so we made a real high end belt buckel Ruana style sheath for it with the best leather money van buy. Stainless buckel so this knife will never come out of this sheath unless you really want it to... Greak old and very rare Ruana. Priced to sell. Thanks, Jim