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Ruana 11A Early Knife Stamp 4" Blade Rudy Mint

Rare Old Ruana with a flat top guard and blade. Mid 40s early 50s
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This Vintage Ruana 11A was made way back in the day mid 40s early 50s with the way this one is made. Blade is about 4" with an overall of 8 5/8". Marked R H Ruana with the knife stamp. Comes in the original sheath and is in Rudy mint  condition. Great knife at a wonderful price. Why screw around on Ebay when you can have this knife in two days and you know whay your getting. I have owned thousands of Ruanas over the past 20 years and still consider them the best dam collectible knife  around. Read the artical in the 2003 October Knife world when I talked about Ruanas and how they would be on of the all time great collectible knives. they have only gone up in price on a constant upword trend for the past 15 years. Where will they be in the next 15 years??? . Thanks, Jim Behring