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R.L.Wilson Winchester Book Randall Model 12-6

R.L.Wilson is the author of the Winchester An American legend hard cover book. R.L.Wilson on the blade with his Name and adress on the back of the sheath stamped.
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This vintage 1960s  Randall Model 12-6 belonged to R.L.Wilson the well known author of the Winchester an Amwrican legend hard cover book.  This book is the official History of winchester Firearms  from 1849 to present date. Pretty cool to have the Randall knife made special for the author.  The 12-6 carbon blade thumb notches, brass flat top guard with a killer desert ironwood handle and an old marbles compass in the butt. The knife is mint as new with all original finish The rough back johnson sheath has the  correct  two tone gray combination crystolon stone. Name etched on the blade R.L.Wilson and best of all the owners address on the back.  This is a piece of Randall and winchester history and its priced to sell. Book not included but pretty sure you can find a book at  a big show or on line. My book was a gift from a great friend have to keep it. Thanks, Jim Behring