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Ray Cover 2 bladed Trapper RED STAG

Slip Joint 3 1/4" ATS 34 blades Stainless Steel bolsters FLAWLESS FIT AND FINISH
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This Ray Cover handmade custom Trapper is as good as they come.  There so well made that Tony Bose collects them. I was at the blade show several years back standing in front of Rays table. He had made me some extra largs 4" Trappers in premium red stag and elephant Ivory I had given him . I stood there with Tony Bose and several other top pocket knife makers all there to buy Rays folders. That tells you  alot about a knife maker when the best in the field collect your knives.  He unfolded a large blue shop towell and my extra large 2 blades trapper rolled out and all hands reached for it.  Ray handed it to me...I had offers that day for 2 times what I paid for it. The folder has two blades made of stainless ats-34. Stainless bolsters beveled  to fit flawlessly to beautiful pinned red stag. Blades are 3 1/4" long and hollow ground with a hand finish.  Great knife and priced to sell. Thanks, JIm Behring