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Randall Treeman Tom Clinton Sled Runner Ivory Green Beret HD special

Green Beret Biker One of a kind
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I  have a friend that I  grew up with  name Lonnie Good. Lonnie Spent over 20 years in the US Army as a green Beret  and was the HALO Freefall instructor at Bragg for  several years along with Scuba , pathfinder, Halo, Airborne Ranger ,   the list goes on and on.He excelled at what ever  challange came his way . Spent time in many countrys arcoss the globe. Lonnie  called me in the shop  one day back in 2004 and asked  if I  could get him a Tom Clinton Special from Tom. I  was at Toms house in March that year and he had a knife there for me with the sole purpose was to re handle it with a sled runner and a vintage maroon spacer and get Mud Bone to make a bad ass HD badge sheath with a skull on the front of it. Lonni was a biker from hell so  the sheah was important. It all came together with a great sled runner I had for a special project  and Lonnie got his  dream knife .  Thanks to Tom Clinton " God rest his soul "  and  myself with the skills to build it. Things happen in life and with lonnies health falling  he dropped off a box of knives to help pay his 800 $ a month gas bill" per Obama" and so on. This came up so here it is. Great knife with a little story.  You will never see another like it. So if you like Randalls, Harleys and  Great Ivory  this is  the knife for you.Thanks, Jim B