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Randall Model 27 RKS Knife Mint

# 274 of 1892
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Well!!  I was a life member with the Randall Knife Society. So much for life time memberships.  Rhett passed away and that was the end of the club.  It needed a man like Stidham to keep it all together. He and Tom Clinton are gone now and they both were 2 of the most signifent players in the Randall knife game. Tom Clinton could make a show  just buy being there with his vast knowledge and always hundreds of great knives. Anyway things have change  quit a bit since the Tom Clinton era and  we all have to pick up the tourch in any way we can to keep this Knife Collecting bug  we all love alive. This RKS model 27 is # 274 of 1892 made. Model 27s are one of the most collectible newer knives made and this is  one of the best with a 6" blade  marked RKS 274 . Brass guard stag handle with the RKS medallion in the butt. Comes in a scagel style pancake sheath and both MINT and ready to ship . Priced to sell. Thanks, Jim