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Randall Model 24 Guardian 90s knife White linen micarta Rare Clinton made

Hard to find white linen used in the late 90s. Most of the white linen was scraped .
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I remember when Tom Clinton was set up at the Wisconson knife show  back in 1999 and he had the first Model 14s made with this new white linen  micarta he had made up special in sheets. I  cut much of it up then and slotted it to specs. Most of the micarta was flawed and  full of black specs .Some was fine and got used on Randall knives .  I  recievedthe the  first  6 model 14s from him that day and they were the very first white linen Model 14s  to be listed on ebay. I paid 280 average  for them  and the first one sold  for over 1100.00  . Sold the others I  had to the rest of the bidders the same day. This was when Ebay was a real auction house and not the crap it is today. If you werent around in the 80s and 90s doing the Randalls on ebay you have no idea how big it really was. Tom Clinton was at the top of the wood pile when it came to Randall knives . He would set up at the badger show and fill up 9- 8' tables of Randalls piled 2 deep  solid randalls  . Hundreds of them. I  would buy them buy the arm loads  under  dealer cost .Sold dam near 1500 of them one year.  Back to the white micarta .  Tom  bought an ultrasonic cleaner to see if he could get the black specs out of the 100s of blocks of white linen. No luck. Most of it was scrapped.  Good thing was that  some of the material was good  and made some pretty cool knives. This Guardian is one of the few .  You can see the linen grain in the handle  and the are no imperfections. Rare as hell.  This Randall Model 24 Guardian has a 4" stainless steel blade  with a nickel silver guard  5 spacers with Clintons white linen micarta he had made in late 90s . Mint knife in a mint clip back sheath and real rare and priced to sell. Thanks, Jim B