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Randall Model 15 SS SAW Nickel Half Guard Border Patrol handle with an up graded sheath

TMK High Quality Leather Shop Sheath with carbide steel
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This brand Randall Model 15 Airman has a stainless steel 5 1/2" blade with saw teeth. The half guard is nickel silver . The border patrol handle is black micarta with a lined thong hole. Its a mint knife we took in on trade and it didnt have a sheath. Who knows why but it is what it is. We made a custom perfect fit hand made  high quality 8/9 oz leather sheath for this  with a EZE hone carbide sharpening steel in the back slip fit in. Perfect fit and finish with high grade cerakoted rivets and snap. Much better than the standard cookie cutter sheath this knife comes with. Priced to sell. Thanks, Jim