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Randall Model 14 Stainless Steel Blade MINT

retail 445.00 •BLADE LENGTH: 7.5" •BLADE STOCK: 1/4" •HANDLE SHAPE: 4 Finger Grip, HANDLE MATERIAL: Black Micarta •HILT STYLE: Brass Double •WEIGHT: 14 oz.
SKU: rmk32
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7 1/2″ blade of 1/4″ stock.  Black micarta  handle. Stainless steel blade. Heavy 7/8″ wide tang runs through channel handle, which is firmly fastened with epoxy.
Standard finger grip handle. Straight oblong hilt of 1/4″ brass. This knife was designed to meet the demand for an almost indestructible all-purpose knife, though it is especially suited for combat and survival purposes. With wrist thong through brass ferrule in handle.

Mint new knife.