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* Randall Model 12-13 Raymound Thorp Bowie " Fighter" Pre 95 plain snap sheath

Lugged Guard carbon Blade Finger grip Black Micarta
SKU: rmk84
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This Vintage Randall Model 12-13 Thorp Bowie is about as good as it gets when it comes to a large fighting knife. New retail is $740.00 for this exact knife today.  This knife has seen no use at all ,just collected for over 20 years. The 1/4" thick carbon steel blade is sharp as hell.  The lugged brass guard has a nice even patina and if you like  can be polished up with some flitz if you want that brand new knife look. If your a Cowboy action shooter this is the way you want it. Badd ass !  Mint blade and handle with a real patina on the brass guard.  Handle is black linen finger grip and just the right size for a large sized hand. OAL is 18 ". Comes in the original sheath with a salmone stone. great older knife at a real nice price. Thanks, Jim