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*Randall Mod 1 Miniature 1970 s "S" Stamp NOT "M" Ultra Rare

Made in the 70s with a letter from RMK. Only a handful ever made .
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This Mini Model 1 was made sometime in the 1970s way before the newer Mini model 1 knives. The newer Minis have a M stamp for minature and made of 1095. This older Mini Model 1 was made with stainless steel. The blade is 3 3/4" long  with a nickel guard. The handle is black micarta with an aluminum butt and finished off with a set nut. Pretty sure the new Minis didnt have a set nut. They were all numbered  from #1 to 1500 or more.  This is what inspired Randall to make the numbered knives. You could say its a prototype . I sent the knife to my buddy Jason Randall to make sure it wasn't a counterfeit.  He confirmed my belief that it was a real Minature and an early one.  He also told me the few made like this had no sheaths with them.  Thats explains why this knife is in a sullivan marked sheath not a Randall/sullivan marked sheath. This is a one in a life time chance to own something that very few collectors have. Mint condition  with the original letter and priced to sell. Thanks, Jim Behring