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Randall Made Vintage 1971 ish 12-11 Smithsonian Bowie

SP13 White Stone brass hardware Black Micarta cammando handle Nice and priced right
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There's  room left in this wonderful 1970s Randall 12-11 Smithsonian Bowie. Its not mint and I  sharpened it up a bit and buffed the blade with Black sisel to clean it up a tad. Its sharp as hell now and looks great. You all know I  am the unofficial RMK rehandle  and repair shop for Randall knife. They send me much of ther work they dont have time for or  the work thats out of there realm. I  do some of it . The blade on this Bowie is super nice as well as the brass hardwars and handle.  Great old knife at a dealer price.  The rough back sheath is original to the knife as well as the SP-13 white stone. I  would rather have this Bowie over a brand new one any day of the week. Its got a ton of character and many many years of hard use  left in it.  This is the Randall you always wanter to take on that camping trip or for a Cowboy Action Shotter this is perfect. Thanks, Jim Behring