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*Randall RKS4 Club Knife #102 of 3950

Made 2003 , This was the most sought after club knife made .
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Big badd ass Randall RKS Club knife # 102 was made some time back about 10 years ago. I remember when I recieved several of them from Rhett Stidham at the jainesville show ,They were real low numbers below 10.I thing I have # 4 and 6 and they sold for a pile of money back then. There by far still one of my favorite Randall knives . The blade is 8" long and about .190 thick . Carbon steel and never used or sharpened. MINT!.  The double guard is nickel. The handle is sambar stag with a duraliminum butt. OAL about 13". Comes in the original sheath and its priced to sell even in this crappy Randall market. Nows the time to buy Randalls not when there 200 $ over retail like most of you bought them. Thanks, Jim