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Ultra Rare Randall Model 2-4" Non Catalog Yellow Micarta 1980's

I would bet you don't have one of these in your collection.
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The Randall Model 2 is a very collectible knife  in any configuration. The yellow westinghouse micarta  has always been the hottest handle material used on a Randall knife. better than real ivory in most cases.  Its hard enogh to build a collection of Yellows let alone a collection of Model 2s. . I  know men that have tried and  over many years came up with  a good selection of them after setting up at at least 12  shows a year  and spending countless hours on ebay searching for yellow handle Randalls. There hard to find. Some say the Model 2-5 was the most sought after yellow made. In wickershams RMK book he talks about how rare they are. True   He never even mentioned  the Model 2 in a 4" blade.  I  have ownd thousands of Randalls over the years and this is the first Model 2-4 I  have come across with westinghouse Micarta handle. I  have had one  in leather in the late 90s. This Model 2 is  Mint as new with a nickel guard and a Rough back sheath. Cammando handle to boot. Its a center piece to any high end Randall collection. Priced to sell. Thanks, Jim B