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Original 8" Combat Bowie

The original Treeman Combat Bowie.

Original 8" Combat Bowie w/ Saw

The original Treeman Combat fighter w/ Saw Teeth

Original 8"Bowie D Guard Sawteeth

The original Treeman Combat D guard w/ Saw Teeth

Original 8” Combat Bowie D Guard

The original Treeman Combat w/ D Guard

T.A.S.S. Seal Team Combat Knife

Teams and Shit Shank As seen in BLADE magazine Annual Military Issue December 2014

Ultra Phalanx 7.5"

Seal Team Knife

Ultra Phalanx 7.5" w/ Saw Teeth

The Knife that got the Treeman combat line started The Original Seal Team Knife

Ultra Phalanx 7.5" w/ D Guard

One piece knife with 100% product guarantee