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J. Behring Handmade Fox River Hunter POP CORN Stag

J. Behring Handmade Fox River Hunter POP CORN Stag

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The Blade show was wonderful as expected. Sold out saturday and took many orders. Looked like attendance was pretty good.  I managed to stock up on plenty of exotic hides for our sheaths and some really nice legal accient artifact walrus ivory . Also picked up a rare wolly mammoth Rib bone. Its been in the ground for at least 10K years and it picked up some killer color and is as solid as a rock. Out for stabilazition now and when it returns I will make 7 larger knives with it and stick them in exotic sheaths.. They will  be badd ass and numbered .  So much for all that...This is the first knife I finished since we got back from Blade. Its a Fox River Hunter with a hand forged 5" blade beat down to about .250 thick with a super strong convex grind. Guars is silver soldered to perfection . Thats becoming a lost art in it self. Most everything being made is the same old slab sided no silver solderd guard and mirrow polished  . Not my style ! You dont hardly ever see stag/stag or stacked leather knives any more at all... Back to this badd ass treeman . The pop corn stag handle has it all going on as far as color and gnarley bark. Solid as marble too.  Custom cut one off spacer pattern. Pinned handle with a heavy duty tang that runs dam near to the end of the awsome musk ox bark butt cap. Blade is a beefy and stamps are deep.  OAL is about 10 1/2" or so.  The sheath is elephant hide and made to fit the knife perfect.  Great rig and priced to sell. Thanks, Jim 

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