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Original 8" Combat Bowie D Guard

Original 8" Combat Bowie D Guard ~Black Cerakote ~ Black & Gray G10 Handle ~ Black Kydex Sheath
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This Original Combat Bowie is as nice as they come. It’s the Rolex of combat knives. The Ed Brown of battle Bowies.  If you get my drift. A This Chopping, Slicing, Smashing, Camping, Hacking, Killing, Badass MoFo that incorporates some of the best characteristics a knife should have. This Treeman Combat Bowie has an 8" blade with 7 1/8" of cutting edge. It was machined and hand ground from 1/4" 01 high carbon tool steel for superior durability and protection from the elements. The Cerakote finish is by far the toughest finish you can put on a knife. You can beat the crap out of this knife and it will wash clean in your sink with soapy water and a scotch brite scrubber. The full tang design has either canvas or g10 micarta handles. Overall length is about 13 3/8" This knife is badass and is ready to go to combat. It has a great solid feel and an excellent grip in either hand. The skull crusher makes a formidable weapon. Available in Treeman Leather or Kydex

Blade: Black

Handle: Black * Gray G10

Sheath: Black Kydex

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Original Combat Bowie

Black Cerakote Snakeskin Canvas Handmade leather by Treeman