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OLD School 4 pin Stag Stag Woodcraft

1st one with the new stamps.. You wont see many 4 pin stag stag BECAUSE they are MORE work.
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This Treeman handmade  Woodcraft style hunter skinner has a hand forged spring steel blade 5 .25"long and about 3/16" or so thick. Its a super slicer with this thinner blade and will hold an edge and sharpen up like no other. The stamps are deep and clear J.BEHRING  TREEMAN and the 2014 USA on the back. Killer sliver solder job on the cartridge quality brass guard. The hidden tand runs almost to the end of the 4 pin Stag/Stag Butt . I  custom, cut and hand stacked a one of a kind spacer arrangement with some thin red,black and brass...looks wonderful. This is some of the best 4 pin stag Jim has done.  He does not build many as they are much more work.  Overall length is about 10" . Comes in a hand made mosher pigskin sheath. Super nice all around critter skinner made in America with all USA materials  No Crap here ! Priced to sell. Thank Dee