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Noren Scagel Style Hunter ABS Master smith Maker

Early Noren Hunter "hard to believe its this dam cheap!
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This is one of Doug Noren's early hunters before he recieved his master smith stamp from the ABS. This Noren Scagel style Hunter has a 4 3/8" long 3/16" thick forged blade with a brass guard .The handle is stacked leather with a whitetail crown stag butt. Old scagel style spacer arrangement with an OAL of 9 1/4".  The knife had no sheath when I bought it  because many of these knife makers dont make sheaths  or even sell the knife with a sheath . Hard to beleive but true. We made a over the top high quality horse hide lined herman oaks pouch sheath made to fit . Stainless rivets and a heavy stitch. Nice older noren knife and cheap.... These guys are droping like flys and quiting all together making knives  so this is the time to buy a early Noren made scagel style knife. Thanks, Jim