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M.S.A.Co Marbles Ideal 8" Leather Stag 1903

All original not cleaned super nice vintage Ideal RARE !
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This is one of the most sought after vintage Marbles MSA.Co knives. This Ideal has a pretty full uncleaned original finish  just under 8" blade with a nice stamp. Blade is  1/4" thick with a brass guard  and stacked leather handle. Big brass nut with a stag pommel. Overall length is about 12 1/2".  This Ideal is way better than any cleaned up buffed all to hell Ideal.  To many of them were ruined by cleaning them up and polishing the blades.  Original is where it's at. Same with cars ,guns ,motorcycles... Sorry to say the sheath that came with this knife fell apart in my hands . Marbles made the best dam knives and the cheapest sheath ever. You see that today on many custom knives and factory knives. Great knife with crap for sheaths.  I  had to make a replica roland carved tube sheath to go with this knife. The sheath is free. The knife cost 1495.00. Priced to sell. Thanks, Jim