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Moose Hunters Bowie Knife 1950s German Made Blade

American made sheath Art at its finest
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I bought this from a man that told me his Grandfather  owned this knife in the 50s and made the sheath him self. It stayed in the famil all this time. He offered it to his kid and the son said he didnt want it. Rather have a cell phone I guess. He sold it to me and I was happy to get it. Art Deco at its best. grampa must have been one hell of a leather guy because this sheath ia amazing . Great moose sceen with mountains and trees in the back ground. Laced all around. Must have took days to make this sheath. The knife is a Soligen Germany Stag Bowie with a Minty 8" blade sharp as hell. Neat grind and  high qualiyu.  Bal guard with German stag handle /aluminum pommel with a brass set slotted nut. OAL is about 13 1/4". Great old knife with a wonderful sheath at a reallt fair price.  also the sheath has an aluminum form fitter liner made perfect for this knife. reall cool design. Aluminum is soft so it wont hurt the knife but its a hell of allot harder than leather. Kind of like a Morseth safety loc sheath with the red fiber liner.Thats all folks !