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Michigan Skinner Cocobolo Handle

Long Time
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This J. Behring Handmade Michigan Skinner has a hand forged 4 1/4"  convex ground .250 thick spring steel blade with a nice deep stamp . The blade has just enough sweep in it to make it a real good skinning knife and all around hunter.  This blade is wide too, just under 1 1/2" . The silver soldered guard is cartridge quality brass with a flawless bead.  Expect this on a handmade knife . The heavy duty tang runs almost to the end of the butt. Super strong. The handle is stabilized cocobolo and its been about 3 years since I  made a wood handeled knife.  About time ! This cocobolo is excellent and with this one of a kind spacer arrangement it only gets better. Copper  , brass , blacl old brown and old westinghouse "yellow " antique ivory.  Pinned with brass and a copper thong hole liner.  Nice border patrol style handle that will fit just about any hand big and small.  Add a hand made cattail sheath and  you have one hell of a nice rig for that next hunt. Priced to sell. Jim B