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Michigan Skinner Horsehide Brass Butt

Rare ! Last one like this one made was 2001.
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I  havent made a Michigan skinner  in this configuration since 2001. Rare Knife for sure ! . Brass butts like this are made from one solid block all by hand with no pattern or  any of that crap. All free hand to get that nice flow of lines that can only come from old school knife making skills.  The 4 3/8" blade is heavy duty with a convex grind and hammered down to about .250 or so. The flawless silver soldered brass guard  is shaped and curved to fit around your index finger and keep your hand from slipping past to slice  your fingers all to hell. The handle is stacked horsehide with  some old maroon,thick black and brass. the brass came out of the mahone factory in detriot . theu made  airplain parts and all kinds of stuff during  WW2 for the world war effort.  . Old brass machine and part tags cut up into spacers. Might as well recycle. The brass butt is pinned  and has a thong hole for a lanyard.  Handle is swelled just right so it feels  like it was made just for you.  Overall length is about 8 3/4". Comes in a nice made cattail sheath.  Its a heavy knife  with great ballance and style. priced to sell. Thanks, Jim B