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Michigan Skinner #45 Finger Groove Blood Red Stag

high Ridesheath
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This J. Behring handmade Michigan Skinner is  my # 45 pattern. Almost all my knives have pattern numbers. Most people don't know that. My 8 " Camp knife is a # 88 and on and on. This Michigan Skinner has a 4 1/2" hand forged blade  made of 1/4" thick 1095. Rc is about 57. Convex ground with a razor sharp edge and easy to keep it taht way. The silver soldered guard is brass. the hidden tang handle  is hand picked blood red sambar stag with the finger grooves.  I  installed a big 22MM compass in the butt to get you back to camp after a long day in the woods. Overall length is about 9 1/4" . Nice spacers pattern  in line with some of old man scagels work .  Pinned too so it will stay together for ever and the tang runs  way down almost to the end of the handle but far enough away so the compass works . Comes in a  high quality  high ride  loop back sheath. Thanks, Jim B