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Marbles Woodcraft Stag Stag EARLY!!

Original Sticker from Lou J. EPPINGER Hardware in Detroit on back of sheath $3.00
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This Marbles Woodcraft  STAG/STAG  knife has a 4 1/2"full  blade.  The hidden tang handle has a brass guard,several red,black  and thin brass spacers that dates this  somewhere between 1916 qnd 1931.   The blade has thumb notches and and is a full 1 1/2" wide.

The original Hardware sticker is affixed on back of sheath from day 1.  This is a real collectable that quite possibly be early 1910's!!  the OAL is  just about   8 3/8" and comes in the original sheath with solid stitching . Fine example of a true American Iconic knife. Always better to buy all original uncleaned. Priced to sell. Jim