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Marbles Vintage Products Book Volume 2 New Old Stock

New Old Stock from 1999 .Must have if you collect Marble knives and axes, vintage items.
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This is the original Marbles Products book from 1999 put together by Robert Schmeling from 65 of  the old Marbles catalogs from as early as 1902  right up into the 70s. This book is a wealth of infromation for the collector . Every Ideal, Canoe, Trailmaker,Deweese, Safety Folders  ,axes  ,compass ,gamegetter , match safes,oil cans,shell extractors,sheaths,calls,fish gafs  and on and on with dates and configurations. I bought several cases of these books back in 1999/2000 from Bob Schmeling and Dave Shirley. We were cleaning out the up stairs  storage area of the shop and found  some books in a sealed box. There in mint condition and  priced to sell. I see there are a fist and second addition on ebay for $400.00 . Thats crazy money. You can get your copy here  for much leass and when there gone there gone. Thanks, Jim Behring





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