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Marbles Vintage Ideal Early 4 Pin Stag Stag

6" Blade Great Stamp Nice Stag
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This is one of the most Iconic knives ever made. This Ideal has a 6" Blade thats almost perfect . Near MINT as they come with almost all the original finish on the blade. Its been lightly sharpened. Never cleaned or screwed with at all. Blade measures 6 1/8" long and has a perfect 3 line stamp. Double brass guard with lots of spacers. 4 Pin Stag Stag with a stag pommel . Dam nice Ideal and about as close to perfect as you can find. remember these knives came from the day when knives were used and used  allot. Marbles was at the top of the food chain of knives and many of them were worn out and buffed and cleaned all to hell .High polished uffed old Marbles are dam near worthless. Knives like this are solid investments and a piece of history. The sheath that was original to this knife was lost  since it was never stored in the sheath they got seperated.  We made a treeman leather shop sheath from the very best herman oaks leather  with stainless steel rivets and a hig grade nickel snap with a #7 stitch. This sheath will not gall apart like the original and is a near perfect replica of the original. Great package and priced to sell. Thanks, Jim