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Marbles Vintage Ideal Stag Handle Made 1950s

Exc+ 5" stag stag no pins rare
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This Vintage Marbles 1950s stag/stag 5" Ideal has a full blade that has all the grind lines in the blood grove and most of the original finish on the blade. Been sharpened many year ago and still razor sharp.The blade has a even patina that only comes with age and is a tad bit over 5" long. The guiard is brass. The beautiful red stag handle is 2 piece  mortise cut slabs with no pins. They used washers in the form of tie plates. Nice stack of washers and a really neat stag pommel with a 1/2" brass slotted set nut. All correct and in exc + original condition with a correct original Marbles ideal sheath. You see Ideal at the gun shjow and flea markets and there dam near always cleaned and buffed all to hell. Many of the old marbles knives have been destroyed and de valued buy cleaning so it make all original knives like this more valuable by a mile. Marbles knives are on the rise again and the good original stuff is what you want to add to your portfolio. Priced to sell. . Jim Behring