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Marbles Vintage 6" Ideal Stag Stag

Marbles snap sheath 1940s/50s vintage
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This Vintage Marbles 6" Ideal is one of the most famous  knives on the planet besides the woodcrfat. This Ideal has a blade that is full and in excellant  condition. 6" long and a nice stamp . Been use very little and retains many original grind lines in the fuller and a nice even patina. 10 times better than a cleand and buffed to hell knife. Brass guard and a 4 pin stag with  stag butt all held tight with a brass 1/2" set nut. Lots of spacers and again really nice solid original knife. Comes in the original marbles snap sheath. Great addition to any knife collection. Nothing else compares to an old Marbles stag knife. Priced to sell. Loot at the old price tag on the back of the sheath frommay 1989. Its $795.00.... there a real buy now and they will go back up again and even higher than ever. Thanks, Jim Behring