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Marbles Vintage # 2 Safety Pocket Axe

All original made 1914 thru 1916 .
SKU: mar24

This is one hard  vintage Marbles # 2 safety axe to find. They made this # 2 with the heel stamp and the hard rubber smooth handles for a short time  1914 to 1916 . Then  they went to head side logo stamp with the Marbles Banner and 3 2 below it. later on in the late 40s  they started using the checkered grips in  a few different colors besides black. they dropped the smooth hard rubber grips all together.  This old safety axe is in wonderful original condition. Used but never abused.   The guard is perfect and the spring is strong. everything lines up good and the screws and handle scales are original.  Been sharpened a bit but still all there  with minor scuffs and pations. All around very nice  old piece of American history made by one of the very best knife and axe companys  that ever existed.  Do not waste you money on any Marbles  knives or axes made  after 2002. The old stuff is the best but the knives made from 1998 to about 2002 where first quality then it all when to hell fats. China made crap. Buy American made. Priced to sell. Thanks, JIm B