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Marbles 8" Ideal leather-stag 1940/50s Exc Cond .

Original sheath Full Blade
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This Marbles Ideal has an 8" blade with most of its original finish and full bladed as they come like the day it was made. Never sharpened just collected. Big 2 line banner stamp . Solid leather handle with a stag pommel  1/2" set nut. Blade is a bit under 8" as they wer made from an 1/*' under to an 1/8" over just depended who ground it that day. Nice deep fuller with all the grind lines. Few spots here and there but real nice overall. You want a prestine mint Ideal be prepaired to spend over 1000 $ or more. This knife comes with the original sheath with the marbles snap. Nice overall condition.  Thanks, Jim