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Marbles M.S.A. Canoe Leather Stag Good plus Condition Original

Ultra Rare Real MSA Canoe Knife 1905 to 1910
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MSA CO Canoe 1905 to 1910 !This is the real deal ! Not a ground down 5" Ideal like we see on Ebay all the time. This MSA CO canoe knife has a nice clear stamp and a 4" Blade . Short by 3/8" but its all original and never cleand or buffed ,just used for many years. Sharp as hell too. The guard is brass. Handle is stacked leather with a stag pommel and 1/2" set nut. Ricasso is extra wide like it should be . Much wider than an Ideal 5" or 6" knife. Thats the best way to idenify these canoe knives. Sheath is a MSA tube shea and its in nice condtion. Probley from a 5" Ideal MSA knife but they all used the same tube in the smaller knives.  Priced to sell and very hard to find. This knife sold for 2800.00 to a collector back in 2005. Thanks, Jim