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Marbles Ideal WW2 Bakelite pommel

Full Blade Sharp as hell !
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I have seen real beat worn out Ideals sell on Ebay for a heck of a bunch more money than this old Ideal. This old WW2 Era Marbles 5" ideal has a 100% Full blade . Looks like it was never sharpened. Brass guard ,Nice stamp with a wonderful leather handle and 4 years only bakelite pommel.   Blade l;ooks like it was stored in a damp place ,its fiSheath isull of pits lite it was hit with a 20Gauge shot gun 9 shot. I thought about re finishing the blade but screw it. Sell it the way it is real fair and somebody will have a nice user. Sheath is rough but fully funtcional with solid strap and rivets .. Will last another 100 years. Priced to sell. Thanks, Jim