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* Marbles Ideal 1918/1928 4 Pin Stag Stag Tube sheath

Mint Early Ideal half guard
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Marbles knives are one of the most Iconic brands ever made and will always be at the top of a smart collectors/investors list. This Ideal was made some time between 1920 and 1928. The 6" blade has never been sharpened or cleaned at all. Full as the day it was made. Nice stamp with a brass half guard. The 4 pin stag handle is over the top nice and in perfect condition. Great color and lots of thick spacers with a 1/2" brass set nut. OAL is about10 1/2". Comes in the original tube sheath thats in perfect condition. this is a museam quality Ideal and its priced right for what it is. Good luck finding another one as nice. Thanks, Jim