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Marbles Camp Craft WW2 Era Boy scou Sheatht Mint in Original Box

MINT Prestine Mint
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This is the only one I have ever seen mint in the box Marbles Campcraft with a  boy scout sheath  with a Leather bakelite handle as mint as the day it was made. The box is in excellant condition with all the celafane  intact. Grafice are really nice and it even has the hand tab on the top of the box for when they were hund on a pin rack. Everybody threw these boxes away when they bought a Marbles knife . You want the best and the one your buddy doese'nt have .This is it.  I used to get 600/750 for these when we could find them back when Marbles knives were red hot 1998/2003. Market is a little soft now just like everything else  but it will come back someday soon. great investment and priced cheap. Thanks, Jim Behring