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Marbles 6" MINT Moose & Goose Sheath No.46 Ideal

*MINT* 50s-60s Original Optional Embossed Sheath
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This vintage Marbles No# 46 Ideal was made in 1960s 0r even into the 50s. The sheath is marked No46 Ideal and these sheaths were optional at additional cost back in the day. This knife is  as mint as they come and the later ideals have the Bob Young style finsih on the blade. The old school 16" loaded wheels were gone and things had changed up a bit. This Ideal has a full as the day it was made 6" blade with the original finish and never used or sharpened. Stamp is the small 3 line version that you dont see very often. The guard is bras. the handle is stacked leather and its prestine as well as the aluminum pommel. OAL is about 10 1/4". Comes in the correct Ideal No#46 marked on the back Moose & Goose leather sheath. Great vintage Marbles knife at a wonderful price. Forget about any marbles knives made after 2002. There all crap. Collect the early ones. Thanks, Jim