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** MSA .Co Marbles 5 1/2"Ideal 1901-1904 leather stag

Good Condition Original tube sheath
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This MCA Co 5 1/2" Ideal is one of the rarest old marbles knives and hardest to find. This all original full blade un cleaned sharpened and used and taken care of for over 110 years.  Ideal has a full 5 1/2" blade as it should be. The guard is brass and thicker than the post 1906 MSA Co knives. The wonderful leather stag handle is in solid shape with a boat load of spacers and a stag pommel with 1/2" brass set nut.  Tight as a drum and sharp as hell. OAL is about 3/4". Comes in original tube sheath. priced to sell. Thanks, Jim