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Ka-Bar Union Cutlery Co. Knife Axe Combo Celluloid 1930s

Near Mint and Rare as hell. Nice leather and all original never cleaned or screwed with.
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This is as nice as they come. Made some time in the 1930s  by one of the all time greats. Ka-Bar makes the collest hunting knives on the planet. I used to have a large collection  of them and made the mistake  to bring them to a gun show for display only.  I went home with big  check and to this day regret selling my old Ka-bars. This knife axe combo is in original unused unsharpened condition. Looks like it spent the last 80 years in a drawer.  The metal all looks great with a few little patina sopts here and there. Sharp as hell and the celluloid is perfect. Knife goes in and out of the handle flawlessly as well as the axe.  Blade is 4 3/4" and the hatchet with the handle on it is about 12 1/4".  The sheath is original to the set and in perfect condition. This is an all original un cleaned survivor from a day when all this kind of gear got used. Great addition to any collection and priced to sell. Thansk, Jim B