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John Nelson Cooper Lil Bowie Crown Stag

Rare genuine Cooper Lil Bowie Mint
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This John Nelson Cooper is real and right as rain. Its a bowie style 4 1/2" blade  with a hollow grind  and a nice neat clear deep COOPER Stamp. Blade is hand ground O1 tool steel as all Coopers knives were and its about .210 thick. Braised brass guard with a real nice crown stag handle with leather washers and one .030 brass spacer. OAL is about 8 3/4". This knife came with a real COOPER Marked sheath that was for a much larger Cooper.  I have the sheath. I think it was mixed up  with the collection and who knows what happened to the sheath. We decided to make a real high end replica COOPER sheath in our leather shop for this knife. Its better than the original and its made with herman Oaks Veg tanned 8/90z expensive "The Good Stuff" as we say. Made to fit perfect and looks great. Double stitch with a propper finish like COOPER used to do. Many of his knives were sold with out leather. This is the real deal and it's priced to sell. Rare little Bowie and dam near a miniture. I show a pic of the genuine COOPER sheath the knife came with,its not included with this knife ,I just wanted to show it. Thanks, Jim