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Joe Holbert Scagel Axe Knife Combo

High Quality American Made Scagel Style
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This Joe Holbert Knife Axe combo is as nice as they come . Very well made  buy a very well known Ohio maker. Joe forges all of his knives and axes the old school way. The knife has a 4 3/4" blade with a hollow grind and a hand sanded finish.  The blade is .145 thick with as scagel style choil. Brass guard with a stacked leather  and white tail crotch stag pinned butt. The axe  has a 4 3/8" tall head  and about 2 3/4" of cutting edge. Thickness is about .325 and the handle tapers down a bit to about .200 when it hits the brass guard. Same handle as the knife. Both come in Bob Layton high quality hand made sheath. Great set made buy the second best Scagel style knife maker on the planet.. Just might keep this work of art for my collection. Thanks, Jim B