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J.Behring Handmade Fox River Hunter

Treeman Horsehide Lined Pouch Sheath
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Treeman Knives J.Behring Handmade Fox River Hunter. This Fox River Hunter blade is about 5" long and 3/16" thick with a convex grind and is razor sharp with a nice deep Treeman Knives anvil stamp on one side and has a  USA 2015 date stamp on the other. The Hidden Tang runs almost out the end of the beautiful stag crown butt that is pinned and sits atop a beautful stack of handpicked horsehide leather and nickle, brass, white and thick green and brown spacers. The silver soldered guard is brass and the overall knife length is about 10". This hunter comes in a Treeman Leather Shop Horsehide lined Herman Oak Mahogony Pouch Sheath with Brass Rivets and Yellow Stitch. Priced to sell, Thanks. Brian.